NCP President Mr. Haroon Eraj naikbeen Visited Germany WHD events

NCP President attend Ministry of Mine and Petroleum Conference at AUAF

Naikbeen Control Panel President Mr. Haroon Eraj Naikbeen Attended at World Web hosting Days Global at Germany Rust on 19 March 2013 to 21 march 2013. in this biggest Events Mr. Haroon Eraj Meet with ( Microsoft Representative, Intel Representative, King Ston Representative, Parllar Representative, HP Representative, Enom Representative, Logic Box Representative, and more then 50 other biggest companies Representative, Mr. haroon Eraj during 3 days Events shared many idea with many Companies and meet for futures Corporation.

Naikbeen Control panel Director and CEO attended to opening ceremony of Association of exporter, Mr. Haroon Invited by ACCI to this ceremony at Kabul Serna Hotel on 6 February 2013. in this ceremony Afghanistan Second Vice president Mr. Khalily Awarded some big Afghanistan exporter. Mr Ahadi Minister of Comers, Minister of Mine, some depth minister, Director of Afghanistan president office and some Ambassador was on this ceremony   

Naikbeen Control Panel Director And CEO visited in world web hosting days events in Dubai 10 December 2012 at Armany Hotel in Burje-e- Khalefa.

Afghanistan National Industrial Conference & Exhibition First and biggest Exhibition and Events arranged by AISA and AIA, Afghanistan President Mr. hamid karzai with many minster and Parliaments Person with Ambassadors in Kabul did opened ceremony of this biggest vent and Exhibition. More then 90 Boots showed Afghanistan products in here.

NCP Director and CEO Invited by ACCI to attend ACCI Networking events, in this events also from many countries and more then 20 Embassies and some Afghanistan Minister and Organization representative visit.

Afghanistan President Mr. Hamid Karzai invited some Afghan Business man for shear Idea about that how can we find way for going out from economic problem that come after 2014. we are all promised that we will increasing Afghanistan products.

NCP Director Visited on Delhi Investment Summit On Afghanistan
NCP Director had Meeting With Afghanistan President Mr. Hamid Karzai

NCP Director Visited TIR Work Shop on 8 April 2012

6-8 march 2012 3rth Afghan Exhibition and RECCA V Conference on Tajikistan Dushanbe.

US Army Corps J3 Workshop at Kabul Serena Hotel on 5 December 2011

Mr. Haroon Eiraj Visit To United state of America for Supporting our Server for providing more better Support to our Customers in Afghanistan

NCP CEO and his Technical team visited to 2end International Tajik Expo on 6-8 march 2011 in Tajikistan Dushanbe city, also NCP CEO and his technical team visited on (B2B) on Tajikistan Hotel on Dushanbe City.

NCP CEO Invited for attending to Award Ceremony for Minister of MCIT and Kabul Municipality. In this ceremony from Board of Ministry of interior business person awarded Mr. Sangen Minister of IT and Technologies, Director of Municipality of Kabul, Mr. Belaqi Deputy minister of Interior ministry and some other official person awarded on Kabul

NCP CEO attend Ministry of Communication technologies and IT for Program of Reselling .Af Domain Name, the .Af meeting was for reselling .Af TLD domain name reselling by ICT Private Sector.

NCP CEO Invited for attending Conference on March 2011. in this Conference Mr. Karim Khalily Vice president of Afghanistan and Mr. Ahadi Miniter of commerce ministry attend on this Conference on Kabul Serna Hotel .

NCP CEO Invited by ACCI for participating in award ceremony from Afghan Chamber of Commerce And Industry to Ministry of Haj and Kabul Sharwal on 23 February 2011.

NCP CEO Attend Google And You tube Meeting at 14 February 2011 in ACCI Gust House Kabul Afghanistan.

NCP CEO Attend Comp Eager US Army Conference at 12 October 2010 In Kabul Afghanistan NCP CEO Visit Turkey Istanbul On Turkey President Islamic Conference on 6 October 2010. Business Conference on 7 October 2010 and President Dinner Parte at 7 Starr Hotels with President of Turkey.

Attend Business to Business Events with more then 51 Islamic Countries in Istanbul Turkey on 8 October 2010.

Attend the biggest Turkey Exhibition on 9 October 2010 at Istanbul Turkey.

Attend ACCI Networking Event at Kabul Serna Hotel on August 9 2010. the networking was between Afghan and international business mans. Attend Event of Afghan and Croatia contrary at Kabul Serena Hotel Kabul 13 July 2010 Attend Afghan business man and municipality at Kabul municipality office on 13 Saratan 1389.

Naikbeen Control Panel Sponsored Afghan tajik Expo in Tajikistan Dushanbe 2010. We also had one cabinet for interdiction my our service. The expo was best for our serves and we got some idea from Tajikistan market.

Attend to networking event with US MBC and US business man at Serena hotel Kabul Afghanistan 23 June 2010 Visit to Tajikistan in Turkey expo on March 2009. in this expo we find some best IT equipment provider.

Attend to (Results of The Awareness Program on Commercial Law & Discussion on Challenges Arising from these Laws on 25 February 2010 at sofi lan mark Afghanistan Invited by ACCI.

Attend to Communication day at safi land mark Kabul Afghanistan on 17 may 2007 invited by Min